Testing, measuring, monitoring and managing fiber optic network? FiberFIT.

A reliable fiber optic network requires measurement and knowledge. With Fiber Intelligent Testing, you treat measuring data in a smart way. FiberFIT Monitoring (FFM) gives you complete online control over malfunctions, intrusion and degradation.

Network security with FiberFIT. Measure your optical fibers physically, see and manage everything online.

FiberFIT Monitoring

Advanced monitoring of
fiber optic network.

With FiberFIT Monitoring you always have direct insight into malfunctions, intrusion (fiber-tapping) and degradation of your fiber optic network.

The main functions of FiberFIT Monitoring:

Security and Alarm

Secure fiber optic processes through continuous physical network inspection and alarm for problems.

Remote measuring

Optical test modules measure optical fibers continuously (OTDR). The results are always directly available online anywhere.

Degradation analysis

By monitoring and analysing the degradation of the fiber optic network continuously you can prevent problems.
With insight into these possible network problems, you can help prevent future complications.

With timely alerts and alarms and continuous measuring and analyses, you can respond quickly and fix malfunctions and you are assured of optimum availability of your fiber optic network.

Always and everywhere!

FiberFIT: your fiber optic network under control.

What can FiberFIT Monitoring do for you?

Physical measurement and online management of fiber optic networks offers benefits for several parties. FiberFIT Monitoring is useful to owners, managers and operators.

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Fiber optic network owner

FiberFIT Monitoring offers you:

  • Full insight into the state of your fiber optic network
  • Full insight into the factors that affect your fiber optic network from outside
  • Extra insight into determining and maintaining the value of your fiber optic network
  • Direct insight into which clients are affected by the malfunction and the ability to inform them quickly

Fiber optic network manager

FiberFIT Monitoring offers you:

  • Quick response to unexpected disruptions, such as excavation damage (thanks to instant alarm and establishment of exact location)
  • Save a lot of time and contribute to the availability of the fiber optic network
  • Ability to see if bypasses are possible within the network

Fiber optic network operator

FiberFIT Monitoring offers you:

  • Follow the degeneration of the fiber optic network and use this to
    fix problems before they affect your services

FiberFIT Monitoring: benefits on many levels

Monitoring your fiber optic network with FiberFIT is beneficial on many levels. We will mention 1 advantage per business area.

  • Operational: increased availability of fiber optic network
  • Asset management: continuous establishment of optical performance of the fiber optic network
  • Financial: save time in several ways
  • Technical: applicable to dark and live fiber
  • Smart link with Cocon’s fiber optic registration software.
  • The disruption is shown within the context of the entire network, which clients are affected, is a temporary bypass possible?
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Your fiber optic network under control.


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